If you’ve reached this site in hopes of boner inducement, I apologize, for there is no actual nudity associated with this site. The name refers to laying bare all of the things that are uncomfortable for me and/or society to discuss, including how embarrassed I am that I blog now, nearly a decade after blogging’s relevance.


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  1. Yay new site! Bring all your old posts over, yes? Yes!


  2. debrashewhoseeks October 29, 2014 — 1:46 pm

    I share your embarrassment about blogging. Oh well, fuck ’em all. BLOGGING IS STILL COOL!!!!

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  3. This is very exciting stuff. I am looking forward to your nakedness.


  4. Yeah, blogging is so two-thousand-and-late.


  5. Well damnit. I wanted to learn about penile enhancement. I guess I’ll input my credit card info and forward 29.99 to one of those links I get daily in my inbox.Thanks a lot, Pickleope of Strangely Naked.


  6. Laying bare all of the things that are uncomfortable for society to discuss… You’re ambitious, my friend. Where to start, right?


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