A Tribute to You

Sometimes, even being riddled with anxiety, you can meet some amazing people

This is not a post, this is a tribute. A tribute to YOU! Thank you for reading this, or for even taking the time to dare to click on a link from a site called “Strangely Naked.” That’s bold. Imagine if you die at your computer and forensic people have to check your browser history and they see bizarre posts you’ve visited at a URL with “Strangely Naked” in the title. Thank you for taking that chance. Wait, did I just persuade people to NOT visit this site? I mean, you can always read it in Incognito mode, right? Please don’t leave.

Life takes you many strange and wonderful places if you let it. In those journeys people come into your life and may have a massive impact that changes your perspective and you never see her/him again, or you’ll have a friend who drifts in and out of your life. You’ll meet interesting travelers on the fringe of society, and have conversations with accomplished sociopaths. Some will make you believe that an apocalypse would be a pleasant cleanse of a plague upon this world, while others will convince you that humanity is an exceptional gift capable of unspeakable beauty.i-like-where-this-is-going

I’ve encountered a lot of perspectives through my time. Bikers, proto-hippies living in Japan, heroin addicts, drug dealers, transgendered people, conservative zealots who have called me “what’s wrong with America,” crafty people, animal people, lawyers, an MMA announcer, disabled, diseased, philosophers, a person who sleeps with a person who has a colostomy bag, a Jewish atheist, Muslims, marathoners, Christians, creeps, tech nerds, Luddites, Greek wrestlers, helicopter pilots, chefs, gluttons, wiener dog collectors, and all of you whose experiences and shared panorama of points of view help contribute to a nuanced worldview.

Your stories, your opinions, your art help make me a different person whether that be overtly, or just a subtle new wrinkle in the recesses of my brain, you have helped shape me. And for that, I am deeply appreciative. I assure you this isn’t meant to be a narcissistic brag, but a realization that this blog, as small and unfocused as it is, has brought me into contact with some truly exceptional people.

Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

bootsnbrushesbutterfly1The reason I’m thanking all of you is because I received something incredibly special in the mail this week all the way from Australia that rekindled my faith in humanity and reminded me that even connecting to people over the internet might be life-changing. Trish Ward from Boots and Brushes sent me, not one of her beautiful paintings, but two. Two gorgeous original paintings as a gift for my baby daughter (not to genderize her in our limited scope of an outdated binary). All of my general cynicism melted away and I am now pro-human. It was an astoundingly kind gesture from someone who only knows me through posts (scary) and comments (generally nice). Please support her and her incredible art. I now have three pieces of original art and they are all from Trish and they are all gorgeous.bootsnbrushesbutterfly2

The point is, thank you. Thank you for being interested, if only for the reciprocal clicks you get. Thank you for commenting, thank you for posting your stories, your anecdotes, your perspectives and ideas. Sometimes these ethereal connections can lead to emotionally staggering moments that will not just affect you, but help shape your child.


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  1. Oh my goodness are you trying to make me cry?
    Thank you for such a beautiful thank you. Like you, I am incredibly grateful for all the varied and interesting people that this life and my scribbles have connected me to.
    I loved painting those beautiful butterflies for your beautiful little girl and I hope you one day tell her that the artist wants her to know that she can be anything she wants to be in life, she just has to keep an open mind and an adventurous spirit.
    Life is beautiful and exciting and challenging and a whole lot of other things and made so much sweeter by the wonderful people you meet on your travels – virtual or real life.
    Your writings and your comments always make me smile so I hope I will be reading them for a long time to come.
    With smiles and hugs xx


  2. I have a painting by Trish isn’t she talented


  3. That is an awesome gift! I have one of her paintings too! I’m so pissed the frame got damaged during the move but as soon as I deal with my crippling procrastination *hangs head in shame*, I’ll get a new one & I’ve already got the perfect spot picked out to put it up.


  4. Awwww that’s so nice!!!! And beautiful! Definitely going to pay her blog a visit.


  5. abeerfortheshower November 7, 2016 — 10:47 am

    I recognized Trish’s work instantly, even before you said it was hers. It just has that bright, brilliant flair to it. So colorful and full of life, just like her.

    And as for you… oye, you STILL are what’s wrong with America. If I believed in God, I’d naked wrestle herpes all over you and run you through my chopper’s blades, but lucky for you I’m too busy earning another 13.1 bumper sticker to put on my giant windowless pedo van, the kind with the electric wheelchair lift in the back.

    the disabled diseased Jewish atheist Greek wrestling marathoning conservative zealot creep who is also a helicopter pilot


  6. I don’t care if I drop dead and everyone sees I’ve been to Strangely Naked. I’m proud to be a Pickleope fan. You are one of the nicest and funniest people around. That’s why Donald Trump hates your fucking guts.

    Janie, a proud member of Vaginas Against Trump and a Supremely Nasty Woman


  7. Melt my heart. Those are gorgeous. I’m glad you received that beautiful double gift. You’re very worthy.
    I’m even more glad you weren’t building up to “And so this is my final blog post.” I was worried that would be your point. Don’t leave. Okay?


  8. Thanks for this post. I don’t take the time (at least not very often) to think about how weird and wonderful this blogging community really is.

    I’ve been doing it a while now (under a variety of names and in a variety of locations) and I know someday I am going to look back and wish I had appreciated everyone more.


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