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Hi, thanks for coming. This is a place holder (in case you neglected to read the title) which means it is meant to test this blog layout but also warn you that there isn’t porn here.

If you were looking for porn and found this site, I’m sorry, but also, why are you still reading? Shouldn’t you be looking for actual porn? Unless my passive aggressive reprimanding of your attempts to satiate your baser desires is actually somehow a turn-on for you, in which case, you’re welcome–I mean, figure out how to click, you dirty dirty dog. Ohhhh I bet you like reading words, don’t you, filth-hoarder? Yeah, you read those words.

You good? Need more? Email me and I’ll pseudo-dirty-talk you to completion, for a nominal fee. Ha, like anyone pays for porn anymore. But, who knows, this is a highly specific niche I’d be filling here, maybe it’ll work out.

For those looking for wordy fun times, I humbly request you click the subscribe button(s) on the side. It’ll be worth your free time, I assure you.


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  1. It was no easy task, but I figured the comments.

    Now where’s the damn porn?


  2. No porn? Pickleope, you bastard. Off to Tumblr!


  3. We are but passing ships in the night. . . . . . I do hope you plan to do more science and Maths. . .


  4. Nice! I love the look and the name. Okay, so you are in my feed now and we’ll be waiting for your fist post!


  5. Does this mean you know I was looking for porn, you know, for a friend of mine? It’s his birthday…


  6. I am kind of hopeful that the “Talking Dirty to Very Specific Perverts” tag gets used again.

    Congrats on setting up your new internet home!


  7. I’ve added you to my blogger read list, I suspect that’s enough.




  9. We’re not in Kansas anymore – Gerkin!


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