The Gelatinous, Viscous, Bloody Birth of a New Venture

Hello there, and thank you for joining me here for the first (sort of, if you don’t count the Place Holder where I talked about insanely specific fetishists who are into being passive aggressively berated via the printed word for their porn-search skills) of hopefully many posts of Strangely Naked. For those unaware, I am the former proprietor of, which is also the nom de plume I’ll be using here (minus the “.com” part because that would be confusing…even more so than using a nom de plume of “Pickleope” and even more confusing than using “nom de plume” twice in a single paragraph).

Starting with the weird handle, “Pickleope” is a sentient pickle with antlers. It’s meant to be the absurd symbol of mash-up culture (you know, like Marty McFly in the Tardis or any shirt you can buy on Think Geek–Not an Endorsement) and it’s to remind you, the reader, that it’s all silliness here. When you’re thinking of getting angry at something you just read, remember, it was written by someone using a pickle with antlers adorned by a fez.

Strangely Naked, if I’m allowed to be pretentious, is a place where, through my articulation will lay the world bare…man. That’s right, it’s not just the emperor who has no clothes, it’s the bankers, the fat cats, the sheeple who worship materialism, that neighbor who lets his dog poop on your lawn, all of us. We’re all naked here, non-gender-specific man. But I’m not allowed to be pretentious–remember: pickle with antlers.

Maybe the title really refers to my bizarre thoughts being exposed to the world. It might have been the name I was going to call a ska band I wanted to start in college. It might refer to a story from my early 20’s when I woke up on the floor of a strange apartment completely naked. It was strange, I was naked, hence, “strangely naked”.  Maybe I’m just trolling for easy clicks from hasty perverts (Oh, “hasty pervert” would also be a good blog name). Or, maybe it’s a combination of all of the above.

Who knows? Well, I do, but who cares? It’s a fun name that people can read into in any way they please. Just read and (hopefully) enjoy.

For those joining me from my olde dark alley of the web, thank you for making the journey, thank you a thousand times over (to be fair, a groveling, slobbering thank you to anyone reading this). If you’re wondering what will be different: not much. I might try some new things.

For those of you concerned with “where be the porn?” Well, you strange, pirate-talking, lonely commenters, here’s a banner I was going to go with, then sobered off.

A little bawdy.
Not sure if that’s a cushion, bean bag, or testicles.

Hopefully that edifies your desires.


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  1. I like all the explanations! You make a very good point….you can’t get mad at or take too seriously a pickle with antlers 🙂 And I do really love the new blog name. Looking forward to the new things you will try, but glad you are also keeping what made us all love you to begin with 🙂


  2. *looks at banner * I feel dirty.


  3. You know, it’s not too late to switch to that alternate banner. I like it better than the weird jizz-covered balloon animal (pig? dog? schweinhund?) that you’ve got up there now. See? I’m starting you off with a healthy dose of constructive criticism.


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  5. I’m just glad you’re here. The world, as I know it, is a funnier place with you writing in it.


  6. I don’t get it… Is that supposed to be some sort of mushroom thing in the rejected banner, or…

    It must be some sort of visual reference I’m not familiar with.

    (Oh, and you’d better approve my last comment, which seems to have gotten caught in your spam filter. I want to go on record as having posted the very first spam-like comment to your new blog, Might as well break it in!)


  7. Hahaha! I missed pickleope!!


  8. Since I have not followed pickleope, I will be fascinated to find out more about Strangely Naked!


  9. I’m naked. Strangely naked, and proud of it. I like “sheeple.” I’m probably one of them.



  10. I don’t know what to say this made me giggle like a silly school girl then I thought bloody hell this is cool and funny and something else I don’t know what else but something else…………


  11. I think a clothed pickle with antlers would be at least as strange as a naked one. Where would a pickle go for his/her apparel? Abercrombie and Pickle? Urban Cucumber?


  12. Whoa! That’s a banner.


  13. I was naked when I read this. That is strange. Would that qualify as being strangely naked?


  14. abeerfortheshower November 4, 2014 — 3:26 pm

    It’s not strange if we’re all naked. And speaking of, you’d better plastic wrap all of your furniture. I mean ALL of it.


  15. Funny running into you here! Here I was, actually looking for porn and, BAM, I stumble right into your new blog.

    Small world.


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