Hate the Artist, Not the Art

I am so angry at that artist I could gargle the rage-induced upchuck. Did you hear that the neutrally gendered artist said something I morally disagree with? No, not ending a sentence with a preposition! Worse. That neutrally gendered artist sided with a political belief that I find unsupportable. I know! Can you believe that?

I have no choice. Rather than allow that neutrally gendered artist to hold a differing opinion that, if I were to be intellectually honest, doesn’t affect or involve me at all, I am compelled to change my opinion of the artist and that neutrally gendered artist’s art.

Sure, seeing that painting was transformative for me and allowed me to rethink my position in the universe, but to know that the neutrally gendered artist once held a favorable opinion on a diametrically opposed political opinion on a hyper-specific myopic subject–well, I feel like I have to protest every appearance including charitable speeches and passive social media presences.

Image Source
Image Source

Of course I didn’t read the article or seek out the full, nuanced opinion of the neutrally gendered artist or the reasoning behind out-of-context sexual choices the neutrally gendered artist has made that were thrust upon me through the fuzzy-lens of a sensationalistic media ravenous for nothing but clicks. Why would I read it through, I don’t agree with the position hastily summarized in the misleading headline? That would be like being Pro-Life yet allowing for a conversation with a Pro-Choice advocate rather than reducing the interaction to a shouting match. There’s just nothing to accomplish there except the minimal, menial understanding of your fellow over-analyzing flesh-bags.

It would be a treat to hear an articulate, thought provoking, entertaining speaker as opposed to a monotoned automaton who fits lock-step with my ideals, but I cannot allow myself to miss an opportunity to protest and attack the cuddly underbelly of an easy, non-retaliative target in order to prop myself up as a hero rather than engage in a meaningful, non-self-aggrandizing dialogue.

Damn The Man, unless it helps me look like a super-understanding person of importance capable of nuanced thought or forgiveness. (Simplified translation: Before you regress to in-fighting and attacking people who agree with you on 97% of topics, focus efforts on immediately detrimental viewpoints.)

It’s okay to be afflicted by selective outrage, we all do it. Have the intellectual honesty to admit it.


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  1. You should run for office. I’d vote for you. What are we against 🙂


    • While I appreciate that, only sociopaths run for national office. Local politics are won by terminally shy sociopaths, but self-aggrandizing people who think they can make decisions for others none the less. I just talked myself into it. If it’s not too late, write in “internet weirdo” for every office!


  2. Does someone need a hug?


  3. The great thing about having an “outrage of the Day” mentality is that there’s always something new tomorrow to make you pretty much forget about today’s outrage. So I can probably see the movie or buy the album of today’s scumbag anyway, because:

    “Hey, aren’t you boycotting this actor/actress/director?”

    “Was I? I don’t know. S/he’s a saint compared to these younger actor/s/actresses/directors, though. Did you see what — did yesterday?”


  4. Hmmm, is anything or anyone worth that much energy? We for sure can’t ever find someone who completely agrees with us, and they really need to be pretty far to the right or left (depending on your position) to warrant a second thought.


  5. Thank God we have you to be outraged. I don’t have that much energy.



  6. You’ve convinced me, Pickleope. I’m going to go French kiss Ted Nugent right now!


  7. I don’t know what to say you sound like you need to punch someone


  8. Where do I apply for the selective outrage card? I hope the application gives multiple choice questions.


  9. As long as you still love this artist.
    I am here, appearing late but really just ermerging from the bushes, a tried and true stalking location.
    Loving the new page

    Welcome to the dark side 🙂


  10. My aunt is IN LOVE with outrage. So much so, that she doesn’t really care whether her latest cause is real or not. I can’t count the number of times that I’ve sent her a Snopes link to something she posted on Facebook or emailed to everyone. She just shrugs her shoulders and moves on to the next made up outrage, not caring if she’s hurt someone in the process or spread misinformation. And, yes…she votes. Scary, isn’t it?


  11. I’m glad there’s people out there who understand what it means to be balanced and unbiased.


  12. To love is to accept.

    And if you can’t accept as is, then it’s not love, it’s affectionate feels on your terms. Not the same thing.


  13. Mmm, over-analyzing flesh-bags. Sexiest description of a person with some quantity of thoughts ever.


  14. I know, right? Plus the neutrally gendered artist is demanding a neutrally gendered bathroom now. What a selfish bastard/bastardess!


  15. abeerfortheshower November 9, 2014 — 5:15 am

    Typical liberal logic. You conservatives disgust me. Wait, what was I angry about again?


  16. You sound like a charming green creature I used to know and miss… He was always upset, a bit like you now. I so need to vent my frustrations too. Pick?


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