March on, Women, March on

The Women’s March on Washington happened in cities across the U.S. and stretching all the way to Antarctica this past Saturday and it was great. I loved it. Not because it ever had any chance of getting a message of positivity about the government’s roll in looking out for the needs of those who need it through 30 layers of spray tan, but because the 3 million people (you know, the same amount of people as votes he lost by) showed up to support women.queef-on-him-protest-sign

While I would have advocated for a full scale, multi-city riot (the language of oppressors), the participants opted for a peaceful demonstration, because it was a march largely about unity and love. And whatever “team” you’re on politically (a notion that people are a political binary frustrates me to no end), let’s not forget Beatrice Evelyn Hall‘s quote, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Which, people often mistake for there being no recourse for saying dumb stuff.

If I can give El Presidente a compliment, he galvanized millions of people around a single sentiment, “what you’re doing is gross.”super-callous-fascist-racist

The biggest criticism I saw online was, “they don’t have a cohesive message.” To which I reply, “so?” Sometimes you don’t need to create a manifesto to march. Sometimes you just need to show up in staggering numbers to say, “knock it off, dicks.” Marches from the disaffected need to periodically happen to remind those creating policies that there are enough people to disrupt the system. Or, to put it more simply, “we have the numbers, we can mobilize, and we’re willing to storm the castle, be nervous at all times.”

ian-mckellen-protest-signAlso, those people questioning these marches can kindly go fornicate with their own hyper-puckered anal cavities. Given how society treats women at all times (Don’t believe me? Remember the reaction to women being given a starring roll in typically male-driven blockbuster movies in 2016 alone? “Grrrr, I hate that there’s a female Ghostbusters, and women are asserting themselves too much in Star Wars movies, why are women cluttering up man movies!?!”) women apparently need to periodically have marches to remind society that ovaries are way tougher than those fragile little testicles. All of these marches were grossly underestimated, as are women.

Gotta love a cop high-fiving demonstrators
Gotta love a cop high-fiving demonstrators

I don’t know about you, but it takes a lot to get me out of the house, so if these people are anything like me, they must be incredibly pissed. Add on to that, many of them were motivated to craft signs with clever slogans, and that’s a motivated population. Invest in cups, gentlemen, women are going to be kicking dicks in, whilst also offering hugs. Don’t know about you, but that makes me optimistic.


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  1. My favourite sign that I’ve seen so far is: “Feminazis against ACTUAL Nazis”


  2. It is good that we live in countries that women can march and protest without fear of their lives


  3. The marches were the best part of . . . I’m not sure how long. Sean Spicer’s denunciation of the press and alternative facts were the first day of many to come.



  4. Yeah, I’m not normally a protester either (that “so bad, introverts are here” was totally me), but had to be done. and LOL at all the butthurt men whining about it.


  5. abeerfortheshower January 24, 2017 — 12:42 pm

    “AGHHHH, peaceful protests that don’t interrupt my daily life make me so ANGRY! Why are these people DOING this to me?” – some guy who can’t come to terms with being sexist


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