Cartoonishly Bigoted

Angry white men are scared about transgender people and are taking that fear into the legislature with them, despite there only ever being any incidents of violence perpetrated against transgender people. These cockamamy bathroom laws supposedly created to “protect women and children,” grew out of some deep seated fear, but there’s nothing to justify that fear. So, where did it come from? Bugs Bunny.

Many people’s only frame of reference for a trans person is Bugs Bunny, so of course they’re left thinking trans people are only dressing like a woman to trick proud, gun toting Americans. It is their fear that they, proud gun toting Americans, will be seduced by animals in wigs. Elmer Fudd, a proud heterosexual Southern hunter is turned into prey by the Crying Game of the Looney Tunes universe. If it’s so easy for a bipedal rabbit to trick the salt of the earth hunter, what chance do our nation’s children have?

What’s worse, is that Bugs is taking away Elmer’s right to hunt, often stealing the gun from him. What could be more insidious (in the minds of people who have no empathy and have never met a trans person) than a man dressed as a woman taking away our guns? Of course these people have harbored this fear from a very young age. Bugs Bunny has taught multiple generations that men–even anthropomorphized, human-sized rabbits–that those who don’t conform to a gender binary are out to hoodwink white men.

There’s that, but Bugs probably made them feel funny in the no-no place, so there’s probably an element of sexual confusion that lead to self-loathing and bitter feelings towards Bugs and by extension, trans people. Imagine that personal confusion and shame being reinforced when they think members of Motley Crue  and Poison reawaken the shameful blood flow in their goo-producer. Even RuPaul and her magnificent Drag Race can’t erase the trauma of momentary sexual confusion from people who have spent a lifetime being told gay is somehow against God. In the minds of people who have been taught that sexuality is a choice, imagine their horror when their fleshy swizzle stick makes that decision for them after seeing a seductive Bugs.

Now that we know the source of the animosity of the American Right toward a tiny segment of the population, (yes, this is already accepted fact) how do we erase the decades of Bugs? Maybe it is as simple as having members of Congress actually meet the people their villainizing. But where’s the fun in rational logic and relying on human connections? Let’s instead make a modern Bugs Bunny cartoon where he dresses like a lady, pulls up in a NASCAR car and hands out guns and miniature American flags to Yosemite Sam and Elmer Fudd then he grills up steaks while singing hymns. That would solve everything.


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  1. Love this post! Bugs Bunny has always been my trickster hero! “the Crying Game of the Looney Tunes universe” — hahahahahaha!


  2. abeerfortheshower March 20, 2017 — 11:09 am

    I’m laughing every bit as hard as I’m physically hard. What the hell is wrong with me? Why does Bugs Bunny look so good in a skimpy skirt? Well, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go watch Pepe Le Pew so I can relearn how a man should treat a woman.


  3. Oh, how I enjoy the posting from your brain cells. Thanks for this.


  4. Who doesn’t like Bugs, strange people that is who, transgender people do not bother me, they both Tim though he is a narrow minded idiot at times also read the title of the post thought it was something to do with big toes not bigots that made me giggle


  5. Kill da wabbit, kill da wabbit . . .

    Some of my early exposure to classical music was in the Bugs Bunny cartoons.



  6. Wait, but was Elmer Fudd not a proud, gay american man?

    …oh, technically he wasn’t?!

    Hm. Coulda fooled me.


  7. I suspected as much. Bugs knew what was up every time s/he asked. And there’s nothing subtle about the way s/he champs on carrots. I loved this post. There’s no end to your brilliance, PVP.


  8. I love Bugs, but never realized how genderless s/he was. But my love is true and no hillbilly, Fudd, opera, or Tasmanian Devil will come between us.


  9. “Bugs probably made them feel funny in the no-no place” and “fleshy swizzle stick”? Why do I not check in here more often?? I’m both confused and mildly upset that this entire post made more sense to me than almost everything in my life right now.
    Also, I need the link to the post where you wrote about your little one making her journey into the world. I can’t find it.


  10. I always assume Bugs Bunny is where most people gained their understanding of how the world works. I was hunting rabbits one time when the rabbit informed me that it was duck season.

    In the non-Bugs world, tor those of us of a certain age, there’s also the lingering memory of how angry men dressed like women are. One of them went around singing about “We’re not going to take it anymore.”


  11. I can’t believe how much sense this makes. This must be why conspiracy theories are so compelling.


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